Oddy | Dance Portraits

July 31, 2020

Last summer, I had a major creation block. I was so stressed out with the end of the semester and figuring out my plans for the summer that I did not feel like creating anything. However, I was not going to let that block stop me from doing what I love most. With the help of two amazing photographers and a very talented friend, I was able to break through the creation block!

I had been wanting to work with Oddy for quite some time now. She is a gifted dancer full of passion and I always wanted to capture that. As a dancer myself, I love capturing the movement of the dance and the emotions they feel during a performance. After seeing Oddy’s videos on her Instagram, I knew she was perfect for this shoot.

I collaborated with Yona and Josh to bring this shoot to life. At first, I felt unsure of what I wanted to capture but I decided to dive right into it and let her dance dictate the shoot. Along the way, I was able to learn from Josh and Yona. I let go of all of my worries and focused on enjoying the shoot. Giving myself this freedom to create allowed me to move out of the block and find my passion once again! I am so grateful for these wonderful people.

- oddy | dance portraits -