Hi friends, I’m Angelica!

Your camera-wielding bestie who’s here to make your photo shoot as comfortable and fun as possible. This is your moment, and I’m here to make YOU feel celebrated - because you deserve to relive this occasion for years to come.

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Picture this…

You’re sitting by the fire surrounded by family, reminiscing and exchanging stories over the years as your loved ones hold your memories in their hands.

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That is the magic of photography. Those candid moments when you’re victoriously throwing your cap in the air, or your partner gets down on one knee, or you look over at your family and feel so much love - that is where I come in and get those perfect shots, forever freezing those moments in time.

With the click of a camera, I transform fleeting moments into everlasting memories that last a lifetime. But before you get your perfect shots, meet the person behind the lens!

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It all started with a Polaroid

On a quintessential early 2000s vacation, I took one look at the family camera and found my passion at the ripe age of six years old. My little hands gripped the Polaroid and snapped away at everything in wonder - my parents, the trees, and, of course, the sunsets of West Texas.

From there, my passion for photography developed - in every sense of the word. On vacations, I was the unofficial Carrete family photographer. In school, I was the documentarist, recording classmates’ very important duties of gluing and cutting. From the time I could remember, I saw the world through a tiny glass square, capturing the essence of life in a still frame.

As I grew and realized this hobby wasn’t just a pastime, I began enrolling myself in every photography class I could find, taking classes at the local college as a teenager.

Once I graduated high school and attended St. Edward’s University, I stepped into a dark room for the first time, and a light went off in me. This was my future.

Electing a minor in photography, I took three years to perfect the art of capturing memories, working in labs and dark rooms alike in between my marketing classes at St. Edward’s.

As I ventured into taking senior portraits for my classmates, it became clear that this wasn't just a hobby or a college minor—it was a burgeoning passion ready to transform into a meaningful business.

Now as an Austin, Texas photographer, I’ve photographed hundreds of people throughout the hill country area since 2016, capturing seniors' and couples' milestone moments over the years.

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My superpower? Freezing time

In every still, a powerful emotion is waiting to appear in the essence of a glossy 5x7

Maybe you’re a senior in high school or college stepping into the unknown. You feel wonder and excitement, fear and nostalgia. You’re looking towards the future while leaving the past behind you. These moments DESERVE to be commemorated - because you deserve to be celebrated. 

Or you're a couple starting a love story for the ages. With a photoshoot, that heartwarming beginning can be relived through the ages, and you’ll fall in love all over again when you see the happy still shots of your relationship.

I am so excited to help you capture moments you will have forever - are you ready to book your session?

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Selfies not cutting it? Book a professional photoshoot with me, and picture yourself with some pretty awesome photos!

What you’ll receive with each session:

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Your very own personal photographer (It’s like you become Kim K for the day!)

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A confidant and friend (I love being more than just the “photographer”)

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A comfortable, fun, stress-free experience

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Authentic and individualistic photos that speak to who YOU are

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Photos that you love and will cherish for the rest of your life

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Professional shots that are expertly shot and edited