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What To Expect When Booking a Session?

Interested in Booking a Session? Here's What You Should Know

December 21, 2023

Choosing to memorialize your milestone moments is a big decision - but it doesn't have to be stressful. Over here, we're all about creating a comfortable, candid, and relaxing environment where you feel free to express yourself, whether it’s a solo shot, a family session, or a couple photoshoot.

Let's take a look at how to have a seamless, exciting, memorable photo session that captures the essence of you!

How to Book: (P.S. I'm always open for a chat - contact me with any questions you may have!)

Step 1: Fill out an inquiry page here. Expect a response within 24 hours with answers to any questions you may have or with more information!

Step 2: Review the availability calendar I’ll send over, choose your date, and then select your preferred package. No need to finalize locations just yet if you're still deciding!

Step 3: Fill out the questionnaire I send over so we can get to know each other a bit better.

Step 4: I'll send over your proposal, and if you'd like, we can hop on an optional phone call to discuss details. Now, onto the fun part...

Step 5: It's photoshoot time. Hello, model!

Post Photo Shoot

  • 1 week out: I'll send you a sneak peek of your amazing photos. Get excited!
  • 2 weeks out: Your complete photo gallery is now yours to enjoy forever. Woohoo!

Angelica Carrete photography

Business Core Essences

I believe in the importance of incorporating my core values into all of my passions. Here are the five fundamental pillars that form the foundation of Angelica Carrete Photography:

1. Faith:

Faith plays a significant role in how I strive to provide a space that radiates welcome and peace. I make sure everyone feels embraced, accepted, and free to be themselves in each session!

2. Family:

Family is everything to me. Because of this, creating an environment where clients feel heard, understood, and appreciated is not just a business goal; it's a commitment to my values.

3. Freedom:

Every session becomes a time to express yourself —freedom to innovate and experiment is top of mind so I can capture the essence of each individual's unique story.

4. Security:

With each session, I strive to make sure vulnerability is welcomed and everyone feels secure enough to share moments reflecting their authentic selves.

5. Connection:

I love to create a space that supports and uplifts one another and where we can all be free to show the world our stories through the art of photography.

Each session goes so much deeper than me pointing a camera in your direction and saying, “Smile!” Ensuring you feel at ease and at your best is how I am able to capture those candid “This is going on the mantle” moments that you’ll cherish forever.

5 Good-to-Know Tips

  1. Always wear what makes you feel most comfortable and empowered
  2. Steer clear of wearing clothing in shades of green when standing in predominantly green nature
  3. Avoid little patterns and textures
  4. Bring props!
  5. Neutrals are always a safe bet

Want more helpful tips like these? Check out this useful article here. (will go to other article on this)

Can't wait to welcome you to your session soon!

A Snapshot of Who I Am!

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I strive to be so much more than just the face behind the Sony.

In each session, I get to know who YOU are - as a couple embarking on an adventure together, as a high school senior taking your first step into the exciting hustle and bustle of college, or perhaps a graduate venturing into life beyond academia.

Getting to know your story is essential to getting the shot. That's why I'll ask questions, engage in meaningful conversations, and create a comforting environment - so that we can create a freeing and relaxed environment where you feel safe to be yourself.

It's kinda like I'm your photographer, therapist, and best friend in one!

Book Your Session
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