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New Era Angelica Carrete Photography

Introducing a New Era of Angelica Carrete Photography

December 28, 2023

The time has come to finally share with you a new era of Angelica Carrete Photography!

In 2018, I knew I wanted to be more serious about my business so I went on Etsy to find a logo and make a name for myself. I found something I loved and I felt so excited for this next step. But eventually, it started to no longer feel like me and it didn’t portray the feelings I envisioned for my brand. My brand and company have grown immensely as I have learned and grown with time. So I went back to the drawing board with my incredibly talented designer, Em Soley.

After over a year of so much back and forth and lots of creative brainstorming, my brand is ready. With a new website, logo, and colors, I feel energized and ready to welcome in 2024 in the best way possible.

About the Brand

about the brand angelica carrete photography

The most important thing I was looking for in my new brand was that it felt like me. I wanted those who know me to see it and immediately recognize it, and those who didn’t know me to want to know the story behind my brand.

The mountains in my logo represent my hometown of El Paso, TX. El Paso is where my story began, where I fell in love with photography, and where my family still is. This city is known for its beautiful mountain regions, so Em recreated it for me. Although I moved away, I will always be proud to be from El Paso.

And, the water represents Austin. This representation is not as obvious as the mountains of El Paso, but feels right to me. It sticks with the natural elements I wanted to play with while still being my representation for the city that changed it all for me. Here, I found myself, my calling, and my home. Austin is where not only I blossomed, but my business did too.

Lastly, we brought it all together with the stars, because the stars I see from my home or my hometown are always the same and keep both places connected. And they represent the important people in my life watching over me.

branding color palette angelica carrete photography

For the colors, I wanted to choose colors I loved and continued with the natural elements. We used my favorite shades of blues and green to make it feel like me. If you know me, you know these shades of blue are me and have taken over everything I own!

angelica carrete new branding website

So yeah in essence, my new brand is me and I can’t be more proud of this. Along with a new brand, there is an updated website, copy, and experience when booking with me. This change re-energized me and reignited the fire within me. Thank you for joining in on this experience and taking the time to support my work. I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure with you!

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