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Why should you take senior portraits?

Why should you take senior portraits?

February 29, 2024

You're circling the calendar. Counting down the days. Telling everyone you've got "senioritis," including the bored Target cashier who hands your receipt over with a pained smile. Which is fine, and it doesn't matter because you're graduating soon! 

The last day of your senior year is quickly approaching, and you're seeing stars. The future is hurdling towards you, whether that be the next step in your schooling or the beginning of an exciting career. It's a thrilling time filled with a mix of feelings like relief, pride, confusion, nervousness, and anticipation. And maybe a little bit of vision-boarding or frenzied journal entries filled with, "What am I going to do now?!" Just know that everyone has been there, including me!

It's also a time when your Instagram feed is filled with beaming seniors in cap and gowns, celebrating their past and cheering on their futures. And maybe you're wondering, "Wait, should I also take senior photos?" And, seeing as you're reading this on a photographer's website (that would be me) who specializes in capturing the emotions and moments particular to seniors, my answer for you is a resounding YES. 

But why? Take a look at some of the significant reasons why you deserve to have a professional photoshoot at this momentous time in your life.

Memorable and Specialized Keepsakes

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Not to be dramatic, but this time in your life is incredibly special and will likely never happen again. Because whether you're graduating from military school, high school, or higher education, you really DID that. And that deserves to be celebrated! 

Having a professional photographer who's been where you are, specializes in senior sessions, has taken hundreds of senior photos, and knows exactly what it takes to get those candid, singular shots is a game-changer. I am dedicated to getting personalized and unique photos that tell YOUR story rather than one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter shots. There are so many ways we make your photoshoot particular to you through props, locations, outfits, and more, which we’ll discuss beforehand. Check out this article here on what to expect when booking a session and how I tell your story through the art of photography. These photos are iconized and forever yours to keep and look back at throughout the rest of your life, which is pretty extraordinary.

Final Victory Lap

A lot of people have told me that by the time we're done with our session, it feels like I've been not just their photographer but also their bestie and therapist in one. This is because for me to get those "Woah, that's me?!" candid shots, we get deep! I love to ask you to reflect on your experiences throughout school. Moments of strength or hardships, times when you aced an exam you surely thought you'd fail, nailed that choir solo, or perhaps when you got the internship of your dreams- this photoshoot is the final victory lap of your schooling accomplishments. Think of it as a time of reflection, an ode to your past four years, and a conclusive thank you to yourself for getting through it. 

Graduation Announcements

This is more relevant for practical reasons as to why you should have senior portraits taken – it's a way to inform the people in your life that you're graduating. Your loved ones are so excited to cheer you on and share your achievements. Sending out your senior photos is a great way to send announcements or invitations to allow friends and family to celebrate your graduation. Also, who doesn't love to post a social media update every now and then, not to mention a new LinkedIn profile pic?! 

My Senior Portrait Story

senior portrait story angelica carrete

I specialize in taking senior portraits because, well, it's incredibly special and personal to me. When I first moved to Austin and began pursuing photography, I found Lauren Parr, and she became my mentor. I loved how she told a story through her photos, and we became close as we worked on photoshoots together. I asked her to take my senior portraits, and it hit me as I posed on the stairs. I just graduated college. My eyes welled with tears because I really DID the damn thing.

There were a few moments over the past four years where I didn't think I was gonna get there, yet here I was, beaming, throwing my cap in the air and popping bubbly. And Lauren was there with me the whole time, helping me rediscover this strength and confidence in me, all while memorializing these moments through the lens of memory. Every time I need a boost of encouragement or a reminder of my strength, I look back at these photos that serve as a reminder of how I got through what, at times, felt impossible and came out stronger.

Celebrate Yourself

celebrate senior day photoshoot

That is what I help make happen during your session. It's a beautiful time for you, full of flashbacks proving how far you've come. The friends you've made along the way, the lessons learned, the blood, sweat, tears (and money!) that went into these past four years, and how you've come out on the other side as a better person. 

Taking senior portraits isn't just about capturing memories- it's about genuinely reflecting on how incredibly significant the past years have been for you. It's a time to celebrate your achievements and capture those memories on camera so you can relive 'em for the rest of your life. So, no matter where your future leads you, let these portraits serve as a reflection of the remarkable person you've become and the journey that's brought you to this point.

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