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How a Photo Shoot Helps You Tell Your Story

How a Photo Shoot Helps You Tell Your Story

April 12, 2024

We all have a story to tell. Each of us is a scrapbook of adventures, tragedies, comedies, and happy endings. Stories fill up our lives and shape us into who we are. Maybe you still talk about that hilariously embarrassing time you peed your pants in front of the whole school. Or that moment when you first saw your partner and knew you belonged together. Perhaps it's when you walked the graduation stage, smiling victoriously as your family cheered from the stands.

Photography is the seemingly magical medium that freezes these stories in time. That allows people to see your story and glimpse who you are, all with a glance. It's a way to make your mark on this planet, saying, "I was here!"

It's why I became a photographer. I was hooked once I took my first Polaroid and watched in awe as time printed itself out onto a little piece of paper. And it's my absolute joy and calling to help you memorialize the special moments that make up your life, too.

Here's how I make every moment count so that your photoshoot reflects the story you have to tell.

Personalized Photo Shoots

jacob personalized photo session

Each session is personalized to who you are, whether you're an individual, a couple, or a family. Before the big day, I am more than happy to hop on a phone call and talk about your vision or what you have in mind. We can speak about location, props, and outfits, or I can answer any questions you may have regarding the dates before booking a session.

Taking the time at the beginning of every session to chat and get to know each other is an essential part of my photography process. Not only does this help me see your personality shine through so that I can best capture your vibes on film, but it also allows you to relax and, most importantly, have fun! And those going-on-the-fridge candid photos are captured when you're feeling your best. So when the conversation is flowing, and the smiles are natural, the pics are picturing!

Location, Location, Location

best location for photo session in austin texas

I love playing with the setting to showcase your unique personality. Do you have a more enigmatic, mysterious aura that would stand out seamlessly in nature? Perhaps you exude an outgoing and playful energy, making a vibrant cityscape the perfect backdrop. Maybe your personality is calm and tranquil, and capturing you in front of the serene lakes and creeks of Austin, Texas, sounds like you.

In other words, I like to play with the locations of our shoots to best bring your personality to life. Some couples want to include a special story in their session, like the library where they first locked eyes over their textbooks or the restaurant where their first date was. Or maybe where you spent most of your time in college studying or hanging out with friends. Fun details like these can take your session from great to amazing!

Taking the time to ensure that your surroundings are your vibe is photography's often-overlooked secret setting. You're not a professional model - you're not paid to simply turn it on each time the camera clicks! Instead, we gotta ensure you're feeling yourself in the environment beforehand. 

If the thought of multiple eyes on you while you smile and pose feels like a nightmare, let's discover a quieter, less crowded location. If stepping into the dirt with your heels and graduation gown is an absolute no-go, we'll find a more suitable spot for your session.

Not sure about the ideal photoshoot location? Don't worry—I've got you covered! Having been an Austin resident for seven years, I know all the best spots around town. Once you've booked your session, you'll receive a questionnaire to provide insights into what you envision for your photoshoot and will help me get a feel for what you're looking for.

Ensuring Your Comfort

comfort photo session portrait austin texas

Throughout our session, I prioritize checking in with you multiple times, ensuring you're comfortable. Here's a pro tip: if crowds aren't your cup of tea, state parks offer beautiful and serene locations for photo shoots.

Getting those perfect, I’m-sending-these-to-mom pictures includes many moving parts like lighting, the time of day, poses, and outfits. The endless possibilities lead to those stunning shots that will make you say, "Ahhhh, I can't decide which ones to post on Instagram!"

But before we can get those amazing shots, we gotta make sure you're feeling your best. It's completely normal to feel awkward at first, which is why I love taking the time to get to know you and asking you questions so that you can relax and reminisce.

Here's another pro tip: consider bringing props! Couples love to pop some bubbly in celebration of their love story. Recent grads like to toss their caps in the air and flash their diploma. Families might bring a blanket for those heartwarming cuddle-huddle shots with their beaming kiddos. The key is to bring whatever makes you feel at your best. If you aren’t sure what to wear or bring, then stay tuned for our upcoming blog article, on May 15th, 2024.

Additionally, feel free to invite a friend or loved one if they'll make you feel more comfortable. If no one gets you smiling more than your bestie or sibling, then bring 'em along! While we're here to capture your story on camera, we also want to ensure you have a good time throughout the process.

Parting Words

A personalized photo session is the best way to cement these milestone moments happening in your life. Because years from now, you'll be able to sit and flick through these photos and feel as if you're transported back to a different time in your life. And that's the greatest gift of all! Interested in booking a session? Click below!

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